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Welcome to Wheels of Fire

We release these our wobbly words into the elusive electronic ether. Is anyone listening?

We are two playful ebike experimenters living a considered life of bliss. Won't you consider with us? Won't you join us on our journey into the unknown?

We are writers Judy Swann and Laurence Clarkberg. We welcome the occasional guest writer as well. We are an unlikely tag team consisting of a poet and a technical writer, a Quaker and an ex-Catholic, a mommy and a daddy, a good cop and bad cop. Beware!

Why are we creating this yet another blog? Yes we know you already have too much to read. Your cup is already full of your insipid truth. A "Do Not Disturb" sign hangs on your forehead. Please may we outrage you? We like to go on long bike trips and then write about our adventures. We like to lie in bed together in the mornings sipping tea and pontificating about how to make the world a better place. We like to bark at evil-doers. Ruff ruff! And we don't like it when people censor our writing. Hence this blog. Planned topics include:

  • Ebikes. Inventions. Radical self-reliance.

  • Ethics. Living responsibly & joyfully. Climate change. Dominator culture versus partnership societies. Hippie save-the-world type stuff.

  • Family. Community. Yoga. Mental health.

  • Bee keeping. Fermentation. Gardening. Chickens.

  • Art. Poetry. What matters.

  • Energy Awareness and Personal Power, both electricity and the other kind.

  • Travel. Our Human Rights Tour of the Fingerlakes. Bicycle poetry. Touring by train with a folding bike.

  • Burner Antics & Culture. Sacred sexuality. Plant-inspired discoveries.

If you want to read about this sort of thing you've come to the right place. Enjoy!


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